I have been drawing all my life. Ever since I was a kid I had the desire to go to an Art Academy.
In 2004 I started at the Sint Joost, the Academy for Art and Design in Breda (Netherlands). 

There I graduated in illustration and started my career as a freelance illustrator, working for book publishers,  but I always ran into the limitations set by clients.


So in 2014 I started my own label with a focus on surface pattern design for wallpaper and fabrics.  Although I enjoyed doing this, I realized that I always tended more towards the artistic side than design. In 2019, I quit my business to make space for something new.

In search of more freedom, my work naturally became more and more autonomous.  

And that search remains an important driving force in my work. The process of the past few years has shaped me and is therefore  important to me. 


My work is equal to my life. It’s not finished, not perfect and it can still develop in all directions. It is allowed to change with me. I am what I see, what I have done, what I am experiencing. I paint what is there in front of me.